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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Building a Kitchen Bar

It has been so long since I have posted to this blog. I wrote a few posts - waiting on final pictures. I still haven't finished enough to have "final" pictures, so in an effort to update this blog (nearly two years later), I am going to go ahead and post these without the final pictures. I promise to go back and take final (or current) pictures.

When designing the kitchen as an open floor plan, we knew we would need a bar to transition to the living room area. After the base kitchen cabinets were installed, the backside of the cabinets became the foundation of the kitchen bar. Since this area was open to the living room, we needed to tie the fireplace and the back of the bar together. I decided to use the Airstone product that I used to blend on the fireplace.

He used a piece of plywood on the backside of the cabinets. Then he bought the corbels (he picked these dinky things out without me knowing). I would NOT have chosen these, as they are very small and cheap looking. However; he bought them and installed them before I could veto them. Ugh. Moving on.

Here is the view from the front. The bar will connect the support beam and make it look like all one piece.

I layed a sample of the hardwood floors that we will be putting down in order to leave enough room to scoot the hardwood under when we finally get to the floors. Glad I thought of this.

Here it is with 90% of the Airstone on.

And here is the in progress shot of the front view.

I had to leave it unfinished like this because I had to wait until we had the countertops installed to finish around the edges.

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