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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Installing Wall Ovens Without a Cabinet

When purchasing our kitchen cabinets, the wall unit for the built-in ovens were CRAZY expensive. Like in $700 crazy. It was basically just a frame. He would have to modify it too because we needed the microwave installed on top of the double ovens. So, he decided to build it himself. I didn't get a lot of great pictures but I did get some. Basically, he stared with a platform on the bottom.

 He then lined the whole thing with sheetrock.

I always wanted my ovens to look like they were built in "stone." Again, I used the Airstone product that matched the fireplace and kitchen bar. They worked great to cover up the homemade box that Rick built.

Here is the finished product.

This is the most current state:

I still need to touch up the places where you can see the glue, but other than that, this is done! Pin It Now!


MarriedLady1004 said...

Did he line plywood with sheetrock?

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