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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Curb Appeal

One thing about this little dream house of ours...curb appeal is lacking, to say the least! But, we have grand plans to remedy the problem! For now, here is the picture I took the very first time we saw the house.

One of the first things I did was start by power washing the entire house. I did it in phases. I started with the back deck and worked my way around to the front. The cedar planks tend to collect spiderwebs. We have a ton of spiders. They are not the big Charlotte's Web type spiders. They are mostly teeny, tiny spiders. Bob (my next door neighbor) tells me we have "migrating spiders." He says the spiders shoot off long, silken threads so the wind can carry them away. Some are known to travel hundreds of miles in a very short time. Our house must be a sightseeing spot for them because they will literally appear overnight! Oh, and the dirt daubers...I don't know what to say about those! They drive me crazy and make their nests everywhere! Even inside the walls. It seems like I removed thousands of those hard, clay-like nests.

Anyway...back to the power washing! 

Here is what the picture of the front porch looked like before the power wash (if you look closely, all the white spots are the spiderwebs and the orangey-clay looking things are the dirt daubers):

And here are the pictures after the power wash:

So much better!

Notice the sliding glass door. These are some of the only pictures we have of the glass door installed. Removing the glass door was one of the first projects we Rick tackled. That is another story. It has to do with a pole and an inspection of the house that almost caused the deal to be called off! I will save that for another post

Our future plans for the front is to remove and replace the front porch. We are going to make the opening/railing centered in front of the new front door. Zach says it will make the house more welcoming. I believe he is right! I want to do an iron railing around all of the deck, but we will start with the front porch. Also, the stained glass will be covered up. Rick wants to do some sort of stone work on the front. We haven't got on the same page with this vision yet. More to come on that idea. 

There you have the very front. Can you see the potential? 

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