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Friday, August 24, 2012

Installing a Pine Tongue and Groove Ceiling - Part 1

Originally, we were going to leave the beams exposed in the ceiling. After removing the drop ceiling from the kitchen area, we had to rethink that plan. There was a porch in the area where the galley kitchen was located. The beams extending down over that area were weathered pretty bad. See where the beams are actually notched out from where the old drop ceiling had been. And notice the difference in the wood. I knew there was no way we could ever make that look pretty!

This picture really shows the distinct lines in the beams.

Not to mention, each beam was a different width and they were definitely not level. We agreed to cover them up.

First, we installed styrofoam type panels inside each of the beams. There is not an attic in this part of the house and the ceilings are so high. The heat rises and it is hot up there!

He ran 1x2s on each side of the beams and we cut the styrofoam pieces to fit in between each beam, leaving about a two/three inch gap. Zach came out and was a lifesaver helping with this. He is tall and it helped because he had to reach way up to get to the very top of the peak!

Rick then installed strips of wood that would hold up the planks. And at every intersection of each beam, he had to shim each one. This was a tedious job to say least!


Glad this wasn't my job! Meanwhile, I began getting the planks stained and ready. Pin It Now!


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