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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kitchen Demo

I have shown you the front of the house, the guest house, the back deck, and the original kitchen. I wanted to give you an idea of what the house was like when we originally purchased it. After working so hard on the house, it is hard to remember what it was really like in the beginning. I love to look back on the original and in-progress pictures so I can truly see just how far we've come.

At this time, Rick was working on prepping the roof for the installers to put a metal roof on. He had to replace a bunch of boards and other things. Not to mention, he had to jack the house up to put a support beam up and relevel the house. {That is a separate post I will get to soon.}

I couldn't do a whole lot of work, but what I could do is try and tear out as much sheetrock and old flooring as I could. I started with the smallest wall and began scraping up the old floor. The "stone carpet" seen in this picture is the original carpet. It was under the carpet when I pulled it up. I don't think I have ever seen carpet like that before!
When I removed the floor around the sink area, I noticed there was quite a bit of water damage. There was a particle-like floor under the linoleum flooring. It would literally disolve into a sawdust pile. I had to remove all that was damaged. As you can see, we had to go all the way to the original subfloor. In the picture below, the wood planks showing was part of the original porch. My neighbor Shellie grew up in this house (she lives right next door to us now and it is so nice to have them as friends!) and she gives me some history on things from time to time. Apparantly, they added this kitchen on during some renovations after the original house was built. Just an interesting bit of info...

This is the part of the wall I was able to get down.

Getting it cleaned up...

Sorry about the bad photos with the glare coming through the window!

This was the extent of the demo I did. Then my other neighbor Mike offered to come in and get the rest torn out for me. He tore down all the rest of the wall and Rick came in about that time and helped him remove all the trash.

Here Rick is taking down the part of the wall that supported the drop ceiling.

Oh what a mess we had!
At this point, we began to get the feel of just how big and open this room was going to be!

And here was our first, big trash pile!

That wraps up our kitchen demo!
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