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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guest House

This is our guest house. We call it the "little house." I am going to make a craft room in what is currently the living room. In a long time from now. :(

This is the view from the back. The only door is the sliding glass door. We will eventually replace it with a french door.

I took this picture after I had powerwashed just the sliding door of Rick's "workshop." I couldn't find a before picture other than this one. The door is like an old sliding barn door. It is a really neat feature.

Here is the inside of the workshop before we moved anything in.

Here is the back, standing out in the backyard.

Here is front of the house. These are the  living room craft room windows. ;)

Here is top of the patio with the old roof. The three windows on top are along the entire back wall of the loft.

There is a small kitchen area, storage closets, living room, and a full bath downstairs.

The bathroom is through the door by the kitchen.

Stairs going up to the loft. One day, these stairs will be beautiful!

Upstairs is a loft area spanning the entire upper floor.  There was a squirrel who came in and ate through the electrical wiring. The ceiling needs to be redone in here.

There is another closet upstairs big enough to eventually make into another bedroom. It has a window and an air conditioning vent. Cash declared it "his room."

That is the tour of the little house! Pin It Now!


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