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Friday, August 17, 2012

View From The Back

I've shown you the front of the house. Now let me show you our favorite part of the house...the back! 

Inside the living room, there is another glass sliding door. This looks out onto a big, open deck.

There is a hot tub! Here is a view from outside looking back at this sliding glass door.

This is standing in between the little house and the main house, looking back at the main deck.

The old roof and gutters need to be replaced/removed. This is the view from down the stairs to the left.

There is a huge concrete area. This is Shirley checking out the missing railing! Everything is just cosmetic! ;)

So, we have a little work to do! But from this back deck, the view is this:

And looking back to the right...this is the back of the cove. It makes a turn and runs alongside our neighbors house.

In these pictures, the old wood retaining wall can barely be seen. Rick is checking out the work that needs to be done on the wall.

Looking down this way, the cove opens up to open water. This is the way to Don's Port Marina. Don's Port is located up the cove and to the right.

When we bought the house, North Texas was in the middle of a drought. The summer of 2011 didn't get much rain. The water level continued to go down. Looking back on these pictures, the water level here was not too bad. It got worse. Much worse. There was a time after we moved in, all the water was pretty much gone from about where Rick is standing back to around the back end of the cove. It was very sad. We didn't think we would ever see the water full back there. The lowest level in the lake was 314.17 on December 3, 2011. This picture was taken August 5, 2011 and the lake level was 317. It dropped about three feet in four months.

Next up, I will show you the little house. 

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Vickey said...

You all are doing a great job. It's so hard to believe these pictures, even though we have seen the place in the "raw" I'm so glad that you are doing this, because it's very easy to forget especially when you post recent pictures. It's not the same place. Love you both.

Paulette said...

Thanks Vickey! I hope to have more recent pictures up soon. And yes, it is not the same house. I can clearly see that now! Thanks to Mr. Wonderful for all the help he gave Rick out there. We couldn't do it all without the help of wonderful friends like you guys! We love you too! xoxoxo

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