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Friday, August 24, 2012

Installing the Front Door

When we first purchased the house, the front door was a sliding glass door as shown here. With one catch. It would not open. Nor had it opened in years. The reason it would not open was the weight of the house had fallen down over the door and therefore, the door couldn't slide open and closed. This was the reason there was a pole in the living room when we first saw the house. The pole was there when the first appraiser went to appraise the house for our loan. She thought the house was going to fall down if the pole was removed. They denied the loan. We went with Plan B. Luckily we had a Plan B!

During Plan B, Rick removed the pole from the house (and no, the house didn't fall down) and we never had to deal with the pole again...until Rick jacked the house up to put the support beam up and reinforce the header over the new front door.

This picture shows the view after the sliding glass door was removed. If you look at the top of the pole, the support beam was already installed. Rick built another support pole that is not shown in this view. It is incorporated into the kitchen bar.

Here is the door installed. Sorry about the pictures on this. I alternate between my good camera and my iPhone camera. Sometimes the iPhone doesn't take the greatest shots but if I don't take them with the iPhone, I wouldn't have them at all. 

We purchased this door from Home Depot. We both really liked it. It needs to be painted.

After the door was installed, Rick insulated between the stained glass windows and covered it with sheetrock. These windows get the late afternoon sun. We decided we would cover the glass above and try to cut down on so much heat coming in from this area. In the picture below, the new support beam is clearly in view.

In the next picture, the new header over the front door is clearly visible. No more glass (from inside the house anyway!).

And with that, the door is installed!

Next up, getting ready to install the ceiling.
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